Zanto Digital sponsors up-and-coming racing driver

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Lewis Peters

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We were contacted by a young racing driver looking to make a step up in his career. Declan Jones is a talented, 20-year-old racing driver who wanted to progress to the next tier of racing. He needed to raise sponsorship money and wanted us to brand and promote him, to make him a more appealing package to potential sponsors.

Firstly, we designed a simple and versatile logo. Then we designed a promotional brochure to send to potential sponsors, making the design interactive in order to make the brochure stand out. Next, we designed a visually stunning website for Declan which was far superior to any of his competitors. Finally, we designed and maintained his social media profiles, using the likes of merchandise giveaways to boost his following.

We are happy to offer this service to any young racing drivers, of any racing category, who are wanting to progress their career. Are you looking for help? We focus on four key aspects of a driver’s profile in order to get results :

Brand Development
We create strategic brand identities that engage fans, media, corporate sponsors and their consumers. This can include designing a new logo and assigning a signature colour pallet to your brand identity.

Print Design
We can design promotional materials that will raise your level of awareness and drive people to your social media pages. We can also send materials to potential sponsors, presenting them with the opportunity to sponsor you.

Website Design
Your sponsors, your fans, the media, and the general public expect your website to be as impressive as the machines you’re racing. We can build you a stunning website specific to your needs and tailored to your brand identity.

Social Media Management
Get yourself maximum exposure online. We can manage your social media profiles, posting exciting and compelling content, such as race photos and videos, and updates via Facebook and Twitter.

Author: Lewis Peters

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Date: 6th May 2016

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