Web Applications

Powerful web applications that deliver specific functionality

Some functions within an organisation, or for your customers, require a bespoke web application. This delivers a specific function that can’t otherwise be facilitated by existing solutions. For example, we’ve worked on a system to allow market operators to list their stall inventory online and then stall holders can book a stall. We deliver systems that are reliable, perform the required function and look great.



Login Areas

Full user account access

If your system is going to be accessed by multiple users we can build a fully controllable user account system. This allows different users, such as customers, to access information, resources or downloadable products that are specific to them. This can add a tremendous amount of value to your customer service offering.

Commented & Version Controlled

Built for multiple developer input

It is highly like that the building and maintaining of the application will require the input of multiple developers. We fully comment our codebase so that any other developer can contribute to the project. We also use a version control system to make sure developer can work together without breaking each other’s code. This is particularly useful if you want to expand the system, you can hire any development in the future to work on the project and they’ll be able to get started right away.

Training & Instructions

Making sure the system is ready to be used by your team

A systems is only as effective as the individuals using it. We provide full training to members of your team so they’ll know how to use the new system. This can either be on-site or in our offices. We also provide a full set of written, documented instructions so that new recruit can be brought up-to-scratch with how to use the systems as efficiently as possible. Our customers have found this aspect of the service to be very valuable.

So why choose us?

Ongoing Support

We view the launch of a new web application as the start of the process. We help clients test, refine, improve and expand the systems we deliver on an ongoing basis. The end goal? Create the very best system that delivers the required functionality with ease, and reliability.

Prototyped To Perfection

Functionality and usability are the key considerations when designing an application. We prototype the entire system so you can see how it will look, feel and work before we write a line of code. By getting this stage of the process right we achieve far better results.

Full-stack Development Capability

We work with developers who have full front-end and back-end expertise. They will advise which open source framework is most suitable for the project. The codebase is fully commented version controlled allowing multiple developers to work on the project at the same time.