Social Media

Helping you to create social interaction with your target audience

Social media gives brands the ability to engage their audience on a one to one or one to many basis. There are many social platforms to choose from, our expertise lies in identifying the networks that are the most popular with your target audience and then using them to generate the commercial results you need to be successful. We know that one false move on social media can lead to a negative impact on a brands reputation, as such as work closely with our clients to make sure the strategy we formulate is 100% in line with the brands core values. We’re experts at establishing, growing and maintaining social media accounts for a range of clients. We combine our social and analytics expertise to tell you how much business you’re generating directly and indirectly from social.



In-Depth Reporting

See exactly how well your campaign is performing

We produce weekly reports that give you the information you need to effectively oversee your social accounts. Our clients have varying knowledge of social media so we provide a results summary along with a full appendix of statistics and data. Based on results, we’ll also suggest potential changes in the report.

Account Managers

On-call and accountable digital marketing experts

Our account managers will keep you fully informed with progress and are on-call to implement any changes you may wish to make. Their job is to ensure that your campaign performs brilliantly, acting as a natural extension of your marketing team.

Monthly Planning Meetings

Control your campaign, help us to help you flourish online

We believe a collaborative approach to digital marketing is the best way forward. Our team schedules monthly meetings with clients to discuss the progress of their campaign, identify areas of collaborative work, go through recent reports and plan content and social media activity. This helps to keeps our vision and your vision for the campaign in sync and to build momentum.

So why choose us?

We Bring Your Brand To Life

There's more to social media than plugging sales messages. Interacting with potential and existing customers in a human, empathetic way will create a relationship with your audience in the long term.

Promoting Great Content

We combine social media with content marketing to give your audience information that engages, informs and inspires them. We use this combination to convey your brand as an authority in its respective industry.

Creative & Data-led Strategy

Our team uses a combination of creative social media strategies, such as personalised automated responses and creative content, along with data-led growth strategies to achieve excellent results. We know every trick in the book.