Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Improve search engine rankings, generate more traffic and convert visitors to customers

The first 5 results on Google get over 67% of overall traffic. That means it is massively important that you rank highly for your product and service keywords. After all if your customers can’t find your website, how will they find out about you?


Technical SEO

This is the foundation of a strong SEO campaign. Ensuring that the website is correctly configured and optimised to achieve higher ranking is the first stage of any campaign. We provide a full Technical SEO Audit and identify key steps to improve optimisation, page loads speed and calls to action.

Link Structure

You might have the best website in the world but if no-one knows about it you're not going to get any search. We help you identify key partners who can link to your website to demonstrate to search. This includes both affiliated organisations and press and news outlets.

Content Marketing

Our expert copywriters produce information about your business and its corresponding industry and publish on the website to keep it up-to-date and relevant. Search engines interpret the regular activity to mean the site is actively publishing content for its target audience and rank it accordingly.

Our Approach

Full Audit & Planning

Find out how well your site is optimised for search

Before we start any campaign we prepare a full audit of your website to identify key areas of improvement. We then conduct extensive keyword research so we know which terms we should be targeting, how competitive they are and which methods we to employ to rank. We also identify key sources for inbound links in order to help us build a compelling link structure.

Monthly/Biweekly Reporting

Control your campaign, help us to help you flourish online

We believe a collaborative approach to digital marketing is the best way forward. Our team schedules monthly meetings with clients to discuss the progress of their campaign, identify areas of collaborative work, go through recent reports and plan content and social media activity. This helps to keeps our vision and your vision for the campaign in sync and to build momentum.

Full Directory Integration

Listing your business in over 20 online directories

Making sure you’re listed on all available local directories is key in making sure you rank for local search terms. We’ve setup hundreds of individual directory profiles and have a complete list of valuable directory sites. We also offer full management of your Google account from your Google Local to Google Plus.

Track Every Enquiry

We work hard to tell you where every enquiry & sale has come from

So why choose us?

Proven Track Record

Our team has helped many clients across a wide range of business sectors to achieve 1st page Google search rankings and increased organic traffic.

Informative Reports

We produce biweekly/monthly reports that include how much traffic the site is receiving, where that traffic is coming from, where the site currently ranks for target keywords and how much business has been generated online.

Dedicated To Excellent Results

Helping our clients to achieve their commercial results is our top priority, our reputation depends on it. In SEO terms this translates to making sure every piece of the puzzle is in place and working harmoniously.