Merchandising Design

Everyone likes a freebie, so does your audience

Branded merchandise is an excellent way to generate leads from offline marketing. This technique is most effective when you’ll be coming into face-to-face contact with prospective customer at tradeshows, seminars and retail events. The objective is to get prospective customers to interact with your brand in their everyday lives. Whether it be a promotional pen or a branded hoodie. Even if the individual doesn’t buy initially when they come to making a buying decision there is a far greater chance they will think of your name first. We’ve run branded merchandising campaigns for a number of clients and have found the technique to be effective particularly within youth and student markets.



Account Managers

On-call and accountable design experts

Our account managers will keep you fully informed with the progress of your order and are on-call to implement any changes you may wish to make. Their job is to ensure that your branded merchandising campaigns is delivered flawlessly, acting as a natural extension of your marketing team.

So why choose us?

End-To-End Solution

We can take care of each stage of the process from design to production to distribution. This ensure the successful delivery of your branded products, on time and on budget.

Excellent Value For Money

We work with a large network of suppliers throughout Europe. We often find clients are surprised at how cost effective branded merchandise can be.

Wide Range of Products

We can handle an extensive variety of different branded products including product packaging, stationery, bags, bottled drinks, confectionery and clothing.